Moral Story on Forgive and Forget in English 2023

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A Small Forgive and Forget Story

Forgiveness means accepting someone’s apology. It is the noblest quality of mankind. This quality raises a person above the level of an ordinary human being. If a person has the quality of forgiveness, then he or she pardons an individual’s faults or mistakes gracefully. A person can become merciful and kind with this virtue.

It is very simple and easy to forgive the faults of your near and dear ones, but when you forgive and forget the faults of others, then they will only be called great.

Mahatma Gandhi, who is called the father of the nation, believed strongly in the policy of forgiveness. He believed that to forgive and forget was a quality of the strong and not of the weak ones, which means those people, who have the quality of forgiveness are really strong. Great people and strong men do not take time to forgive the faults and sins of others.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Hate the sin and not the sinner.” This sentence means we should hate and avoid evil deeds, but not the people who commit them. In spite of ignoring and disliking them, we should forgive them and try to reform the sinners. We should always try to reform them so that they can also lead happy, satisfied, and respectable life in a society like us.

Mahatma Gandhi quote Hate the sin and not the sinner.
Mahatma Gandhi

We should show them the right path to move We should never be revengeful in nature; it is we should not have a tendency to take revenge from others.

As our teachers and parents forgive us for our mistakes, in the same way, we should also learn to forgive sinners. We do not have any right to give punishment to others. God is very powerful and sees everything. Thus, we should leave justice to Him alone. He will punish the guilty in his own way. We should not be worried about that.

Sometimes we feel offended by someone. We talk to one another, which should teach him a lesson, but we ourselves do not try to follow it. Before blaming others, we should first check for our own faults. Forgiveness is the best solution. By keeping a grudge against someone, we cannot live happily and peacefully. In order to maintain peace of mind, we must inculcate habits in our minds to forgive and forget.

Moral story on Forgive and Forget in English
Moral story on Forgive and Forget in English

We are all human beings. We all sometimes make mistakes unintentionally. When we realize our faults or feel that we are guilty, we simply feel sorry for them and pray to God to forgive us for our mistakes. We beg His pardon, as you know that God is kind and benevolent.

Thus, He soon forgives us if our hearts are clear. We are dear children of God, and God is ever-forgiving. All our mistakes are forgiven by God which are done unknowingly. Children, you must think that when God can forgive our mistakes, then why should not we obtain this quality to forgive the mistakes of our friends and fellow beings?

Forgot The Mistake Remember The Lesson
Forgot The Mistake Remember The Lesson

It is said, “To err is human, to forgive is divine.” No one is perfect in this world. We cannot compare ourselves with God because only He is perfect. He never makes any mistakes in his work. All human beings are liable to make some mistakes and omissions. Thus, we should learn to forgive and forget others’ faults.

The moral of this story is:

“As God forgives our mistakes, so as
we should also forgive and forget others’ faults.”

Forgive and Forget Quote

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